Rumble City


Retake the throne in the City of Los Poderosos



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Rumble City is a turn-based strategy game where you play the ex-leader of a biker gang who, a few years now past his prime, decides to return to the City of Los Poderosos to bring order back to the city.

Rumble City's combat system is that of a typical SRPG: you have to try to kill all enemies on each level before they kill you. To do so you'll have a different number of characters on each level who can move freely around the setting.

At the beginning, you'll control Knuckles, the leader of the gang. But as you keep playing, you'll add new characters to the group: Bottles, who specializes in long-range attacks; Hammer, a real animal who can take a punch or two; and Bones, the mechanic of the group. Each character has a particular strength for a particular situation.

Players can use time between missions to customize their equipment and heal anyone who's been hurt, since any injury received while fighting doesn't go away automatically. Thus if you want your gang to survive, you'll have to heal them with objects you find during the skirmishes.

Rumble City is a turn-based strategy game that has good visuals and takes place in a very original setting. Also, this game was created by Avalanche Studios, developers of the popular masterpiece Just Cause 2.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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